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Staff recruitment
A complete solution for your business. Our managers will do all the work for you.
Job search
If you are looking for work, we can provide you with plenty of options throughout Europe and beyond. Only trusted employers and the best working conditions.
Document preparation
Production of all the necessary documents for the exit, translation of education diplomas, assistance in obtaining certificates and certificates necessary for work.
Legalisation in the EU
We provide services for the legalisation of your stay in the EU.
Even if you have expired documents or do not have an entry stamp.
Organising the move
Thanks to our many years of experience, we can fully support you and your family with your relocation. We organise transport to the EU from any CIS country.
Assistance in obtaining a residence permit
Each of our partner employers is ready to provide its employees with all the necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit and all social benefits.
Our managers are located in most EU countries and are always ready to help you
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Why us
  • 1
    The standard search period is 5-7 days. We don't wait for a candidate to apply for a job, we start cold-calling applicants straight away. Our own database of 70,000 CVs allows us to achieve this.
  • 2
    We don't just look for CVs, we scrutinise the candidates' potential, their strengths and weaknesses, so that the client can make an informed decision about choosing a future employee.
  • 3
    We are confident in the quality of the talent we select, so we offer a guaranteed recruitment service. If a candidate fails the probationary period, we will offer a replacement free of charge.
  • 4
    In the recruitment process, only company information permitted by the employer is disclosed, keeping the customer incognito and avoiding unnecessary attention.
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Our agency has been in existence for so many years and provides employment services
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About us
Recruitment agency «Visa Europe Management Services Limited»
Visa Europe Management Services Limited is a professional recruitment agency dedicated to finding, recruiting, quality training and assessing all staff.

The recruitment agency has a number of advantages:
  • Professional search for senior management and qualified specialists in the required field;
  • the right recruitment with regard to recruitment technology;
  • research of salaries depending on the specific field or region;
  • optimization of business processes;
  • assessment of staff business qualities.
When you apply to the best recruitment agency Visa Europe Management Services Limited, you get a guarantee of quality recruitment. The aim of our recruitment agency is to provide a quality approach to solving complex tasks, finding the right people, training valuable staff and directly contributing to the success of your business.
How it works
Stage 1
Receiving the recruitment application from the client and signing the recruitment service contract.
Stage 2
Collection and analysis of CVs for the client's vacancy by our recruiters. Personal interview: verification of professional competences and personal characteristics of the candidate. Candidate's professional and psychological tests.
Stage 3
Providing the client with CVs of the selected candidates based on the results of the application. Selection by the client of the most suitable candidate from those provided.
Stage 4
Preparation of all necessary documents for the arrival of the worker. Meeting, settling in and training the employee before he or she goes to work for the first time.
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